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Our mission is to promote Fort Sumner and De Baca County as a great place to travel to and an even better place to live.  We recommend the local business to visitors and new residents.

Chamber Business Members 

Blue Hole Hospitality (Ambiance Hospitality)
Cortese Feed and Supply
Leal's Mexican Food
Rooney and Moon Broadcasting
De Baca Family Practice
Bender G.M. World
Farmers Electric Co-Op
Dave's Grocery
Addison Drug
Nick Griego & Son's Construction

Chamber Small Business Members

Dazed Museum
Country Power and Equipment
Broken Horn Roping
De Baca County News
Super 8 Motel
A-1 Business Service
Dinwiddie Cattle Co.
Billy The Kid Museum
Steele Ranch Inc.
Billy's Bunk House
Stuart Ingle
Sumner Lake State Park
Smith Electric 
Sixx Shooter Gallery
Baca House Ranch
Ramon Perez Ranch
A-1 Alignment
Ty Shaw Welding
Koontz Ranch
Bley Dale Ranch
Fort Sumner Processing
Finney Farms
Chavez Funeral Home
Canyon Blanco Ranch
El Yeso Ranch
Russ & Suns Auto Parts
Fallon Cortese Land
Fort Sumner Lumber
McCollum Cattle Company
Stallard Real Estate
Insurance Services of New Mexico
Fort Sumner Concrete & Monuments

Supporting Members

Fort Sumner Community Development
Means Rio Pecos Ranch 
Citizens Bank of Clovis
Friends of the Bosque
Cortese Farm & Ranch

Associate Members (Individuals)

Melanie Ratliff
Kathy Craig
Beverly Carter
Fort Sumner Housing Board
Amanda Kenyon
Anna Teeter-Gentile
J.E. Spitz
Jene Morris
Yolanda H. Cline
Powhatan Carter
Lecil Richards 

The Fort Sumner Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce our Business of the Month for April 2019

Lying just 5 miles west of Fort Sumner, Steele Ranch Inc.was founded in November 1929, when the late Sam Steele and his father trailed 1200 head of cattle from Rogers, NM. Throughout the years, many smaller acreages have been acquired by the ranch, which is now being run by the 5th generation, including Mike, Charlie and Cody West.


Good years and bad are part of the 90 year old ranch history which saw steer calves bring 3 cents per pound at its beginning. Droughts were part of ranch life, and it did not escape the bad one of the 1950’s. Being so close to town, the Steele's and West's have been involved in church, community and school activities, always working toward improving this Eastern New Mexico area.



The Fort Sumner Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce our Business of the Month for February 2019.

Cortese Feed & Supply is a store Fort Sumner and the surrounding area has grown up with.
Arron Cortese is the great-grandson of Joe Cortese, the oldest of the three Cortese brothers who, in 1938, founded Valley Feed and Grain. That later became Cortese Feed & Supply one of the cornerstone businesses in our community.
51513424_2657076937665855_2077591756861341696_nOver the years the inventory of Cortese Feed & Supply has changed, but not the quality or the family's commitment to the people of Fort Sumner. Cortese Feed & Supply has consistently lent a helping hand and brought our community together in making a big difference in our small corner of the world.

51719710_2657076340999248_6087894581897068544_nCortese Feed and Supply offers several jobs to the community. “Yes, they work for us,” says Cortese, “but they are more like family and we are grateful for each of them.” Arron and Lindsey not only partner in life but in their passion to show love and support to people. They believe having a small family owned business in a small country village is exactly how God allows them to do that.

Today Lindsey’s Corner is the first thing customers see when they walk through the front door. Most do not expect to see unique gifts like eye-catching t-shirts, handbags, jewelry, aprons made out of empty feedbags nor fresh flower. But all this and more is what has been offered since 2017, to fill a need that has been missing in Fort Sumner’s business community.

“In a changing world,” stated Arron and Lindsey, “we don’t want customer service and friendliness to be lost. Sure, making sales keeps the lights on but it’s the people that keep the smiles on our faces.”
51454151_2657076554332560_9180489644557467648_nPlease take time to drop by Cortese Feed & Supply for a variety of high-quality feed and supplies for your four-legged family and your pasture stock.

Fort Sumner, NM, is a great village and we are proud to be part of it,” stated Arron and Lindsey. “Thank you for your many years of support and we look forward to serving our customers for many more. Together we can advance with the times while maintaining our small town values and caring for our customers!”

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